Architect Vs Draftsperson – Which Should You Choose to Design Your New Home?

Architect Vs Draftsperson – Which Should You Choose to Design Your New Home?

While both architects and draftsmen are professionals in the field of building design, the two roles have distinct differences that should be taken into consideration when making this important choice. Architects have the ability to bring your vision to life through creative designs that combine form and function, while draftsmen are able to take existing plans and accurately translate them into detailed drawings. By understanding the different skill sets of each professional, you can make an informed decision on who is best suited for your project.

Understanding the Role of an Architect

An architect is a licensed professional who is responsible for the design, planning, and supervision of the construction of buildings and other structures. Having studied a degree in architecture, they are trained to understand the principles of design, engineering, and construction, and they are responsible for creating a vision for a project that meets the needs and requirements of the client. Additionally, they also ensure the project adheres to all necessary building codes, regulations, and safety standards. Involved in the management of the project from start to finish, architects oversee the work of other professionals involved, including engineers and contractors.

What Does a Draftsperson Do?

A draftsman, or draftsperson, is also a skilled technician involved in the construction of new buildings and structures. Responsible for creating technical drawings and plans for construction projects, they generally have a certification in drafting or a related field and are trained to use computer-aided design (CAD) software and other tools to create detailed plans and schematics. Draftsmen work closely with architects and engineers to translate their designs into technical drawings that can be used by contractors and builders to bring the project to life.

To summarise, architects are licensed professionals who are responsible for the overall design and management of construction projects, while draftsmen are skilled technicians who create detailed technical drawings and plans based on the designs of architects and engineers.

So, Which One Do You Need?

If your building project is relatively small, such as a minor renovation or extension to your existing home, and you have a clear understanding of what you want, you may find that a draftsperson will be able to give you detailed drawings that you need. For larger projects, such as a brand new home, it’s generally best choose an architect or qualified building designer. New homes, especially bespoke and complicated builds, require the problem-solving and management abilities of people with extra training.

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