Bespoke Builders Canberra

Bespoke Builders Canberra

Elliott Hardie Homes: Your Premier Bespoke Builders in Canberra and Nationwide

Discover the unparalleled craftsmanship of Elliott Hardie Homes, your premier bespoke builder in Canberra. As a trusted builder undertaking residential projects in the ACT, NSW, and Queensland, we are renowned for our premium finishes, meticulous attention to detail and unrivalled customer service.


At Elliott Hardie Homes, our team takes a modern approach to building, ensuring a collaborative journey with you to create homes that reflect your individual wants and desires. From the initial design consultation to handing over the keys, we are committed to making you feel at home every step of the way.


Our commitment to exceeding expectations is reflected in our extensive range of designs and the use of quality materials. We prioritise assisting you in designing a home that suits your personality and lifestyle perfectly. With a focus on satisfaction, our refined process aims to remove the stress often associated with building, leaving you with peace of mind that your home is created with your best interests at heart.


Our bespoke builders in Canberra are skilled in building semi-custom homes, complete custom homes, and display homes. They also do knock-downs and rebuilds.


Semi-Custom Homes for Personalised Living

Elliott Hardie Homes offers the flexibility of altering existing home designs to suit your lifestyle. You can choose from our unique range of single- and double-storey house designs, customisable to perfectly match your personality and preferences. Our design team excels in creating modern single-storey house plans designed for comfort and style. From functional layouts to character-filled designs, our homes stand the test of time, ensuring a memorable building experience.


Complete Custom Homes for Modern Living

With years of experience in new house designs, we specialise in creating spaces that families love to live in. Whether it’s a single-storey house design tailored to your block’s specifications or a palatial two-storey family home, our designs prioritise seamless integration of indoor and outdoor areas. We offer flexibility, versatility, and customisation to ensure a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic that suits modern Australian families.

Bespoke Builders Canberra
Bespoke Builders Canberra


Here are the benefits of choosing Elliott Hardie Homes as your bespoke builder in Canberra:


  1. Exceptional Craftsmanship and Inspirational Designs:

At Elliott Hardie Homes, we are passionate about delivering high-quality design and workmanship. Our team is committed to creating exceptional and inspirational homes that surpass expectations.


  1. Integrity, Innovation, and Efficiency:

Operating with integrity, innovation, and efficiency, we prioritise a streamlined process that promptly provides you with concept designs and accurate quotes after our initial meeting.


  1. Trusted Suppliers and Skilled Tradespeople:

We source materials only from leading suppliers recognised to meet industry standards. Our collaboration with the best designers and suppliers ensures incredibly high work standards.

Elliott Hardie Homes offers a building experience that combines passion, precision, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations.

Embark on a journey of bespoke home-building with our builders at Elliott Hardie Homes in Canberra– where excellence meets individuality.

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