Creating a Contemporary Home Office

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Creating a Contemporary Home Office

Working from home has become the new normal for many people, meaning dedicated home offices have become a necessity in most Canberra homes. At Elliott Hardie, we are the home builders Canberra locals trust for luxurious, innovative homes custom built for contemporary family living. A dedicated office space in your home helps to separate your work life from household distractions and allows you to have a calm and organised area where you can focus. Every office needs to be a functional zone, but it’s also important that it is an inspiring space that enables you to work efficiently and productively. Here’s a few of our tips for creating a stylish and functional workspace in your new home.

Choose the Location Wisely

If you regularly work from home, you want your office to be away from the areas where you’d usually relax and switch off during your free time. When considering your floorplan, try finding a place for your office that is away from living areas and your main bedroom. It’s also best if you can avoid noisy areas like the kitchen or a children’s play room. An office should be light and bright so try to locate your work room on the north side for extra sunlight. An office at the front of your home is a great solution as it is usually away from the kitchen/living hub and generally has large windows for natural light to flood through.

Understand How the Space Will Be Used

Make a list of the ways you intend to use the space. Home offices often need to fulfil a range of needs for the whole family. Ask yourself the below questions:

  • How many people will use the space on a regular basis?
  • Is it where the kids will do their homework?
  • Does it need to be a big enough space for meetings with other people?
  • Do you need a separate ‘break-out’ zone for important business calls?

By knowing the potential uses for the room or space will determine the layout, furniture and storage that you will need.

Organise the Room with Clever Storage Solutions

An organised zone with dedicated storage options creates a neat and tidy environment, and this helps to create a calm, focused and productive mindset. Home offices tend to be full of paperwork, books, stationary, computer cords and accessories. Designing the space correctly so that everything has a place is the key. Custom joinery will accommodate books, files, documents, stationery, paperwork and equipment and can allow you to maximise the available space. Open shelving is perfect for smaller rooms and is great way of maximising office storage without enclosing the room.

Be Creative with Colours and Decor

Working remotely can be challenging. You want your home office to be inviting and stylish, a space that you’ll want to spend time in. A home office is one room in which you can be a little creative with your colour and décor choices. Design it to not only be functional, but also beautiful. Play with colours and textures to add some personality into the space so it doesn’t feel like a boring, generic office. Choose a stylish desk and table accessories and add a splash of colour with an inspiring artwork or be daring with a stunning feature wall to really make the space interesting.

Invest in Comfort

There are countless options available when it comes to home office furniture and while you do want it to look good, it’s also important to find the right balance of style and comfort. An ergonomic chair with proper back support will promote good posture and prevent back and neck aches, allowing you to focus for longer and work in comfort.

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At Elliott Hardie, we have a passion for contemporary new home designs. Canberra is our local area, and we love to design and build innovative, sustainable family homes with a modern design aesthetic. When you work with us, we focus on understanding your needs and wants to design and build a home that reflects your individual personality, the opportunities your site presents and works within your budget. Large family living zones, light-filled spaces and luxurious home offices are just some of the design features included in our homes that will be sure to enhance your lifestyle. Get in touch with us today and start the journey to building your new Canberra home.