Easy Ways to Enhance Your New Home’s Street Appeal


Easy Ways to Enhance Your New Home’s Street Appeal

If you have taken the exciting step to start building your dream home, you’ll find that there is so much thought and planning involved to ensure the end result both suits your style and is functional for your lifestyle. It’s easy to get caught up on the interior design; from choosing the best layout and appropriate room sizes, to a show-stopping kitchen design, practical storage solutions, and a making whole host of other décor decisions. This means that exterior planning is often more of an afterthought. However, the façade and surrounding front yard is the first thing visitors, neighbours and passers-by will notice, so it’s vital that you take the time to consider your home’s street appeal when you’re building your dream home. Here’s a few things you can do to ensure your new home is the best-looking house in the street!

Choose the Right Building Materials

When considering the façade, try to include elements and materials that blend in with the surrounding environment. Look at existing homes in your neighbourhood as well as the natural surrounds of your suburb and think about how you can make your home fit into the overall streetscape. That’s not to say your home has to look identical to your neighbours, but it’s important to find the right balance between being bespoke and blending in, so that your home doesn’t stand out for all the wrong reasons. Contemporary home façades often feature clean lines, monochromatic colours, and sharp angles, these can benefit from the addition of textural elements such as timber or stone cladding to soften the aesthetic and complement the natural environment of the location.

Think About Symmetry

Symmetry (or balanced proportions) is built into our biology and nature, so it should be no surprise that symmetry is pleasing and attractive to us as human beings. Symmetry is a crucial design principle, especially in house design, as it has the power to create a sense of balance, order, and harmony, making everything work together and fit together seamlessly as a whole. On the other hand, a lack of symmetry can create a sense of confusion, disorder, and imbalance. Creating symmetry in the façade and landscaping of your new home will instantly increase your home’s visual appeal. A symmetrical home design will have a focal point that “splits” the house and draws the eye. In other words, this is the home’s axis. This could be anything from a well-placed front door, an entry path, or even a landscape element.

A Cohesive Colour Palette

Colour has the power to stimulate or sedate the human brain, so the right hues used for external cladding and other surfaces of the facade can be vital to creating the appropriate mood, establishing emotional connections, and inciting a sense of visual appeal. Whether you want to use colour on a feature wall to make passers-by take notice or use a muted palette to make your design blend into its surroundings, it’s important to choose colours that complement each other. You don’t want to have a house that is strictly one colour, or even a single colour family. It’s essential to break up blocks of single colours with complementary tones and shades that work together harmoniously for the most aesthetically pleasing result.

Luxurious Landscaping

Landscaping often goes unplanned until the after the home is built, however, it really is such an important part of your exterior aesthetic. If you have a large front garden, a landscape designer will be invaluable in creating a garden design that complements and enhances the architectural style of your new home. Pathways, lighting, strategically positioned landscape design features and appropriately sized plants should all work together to elevate the exterior of your home.

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