Exterior Cladding for Contemporary Australian Homes

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Exterior Cladding for Contemporary Australian Homes

Exterior cladding is a key element of any new home that not only defines the overall aesthetic, it enhances the homes potential insulation performance and ability to withstand the elements. As award-winning Canberra home builders, the team at Elliott Hardie are dedicated to delivering beautifully designed and impeccably constructed bespoke homes that meet the needs of modern Australian families. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, we often use a mix of materials, textures and colours to create visually stunning yet functional facades that will stand the test of time. Here we will explore some of the many cladding materials available for new Australian homes.

What is Cladding?

A non-load-bearing skin or layer attached to the outside of a home, cladding is designed to increase street appeal and provide a high level of insulation and protection from the weather. While the internal structure of houses hasn’t changed much over recent years, modern advancements in technology and improvements on existing cladding options has created a multitude of products to clad an exterior that reflect both the style and aesthetic of the owner.

What Are the Most Common Exterior Cladding Types?

There are many cladding options available, below are five of the most commonly used.

Fibre Cement Cladding

Modern fibre-cement cladding has the rustic charm of timber weatherboards without the upkeep and risk of termite problems. Available in a vast array of styles, including vertical or horizontal boards or large panels, this cladding is durable, easy to install and has greater thermal and acoustic performance compared to other hardwoods. It also resists damage from water and fire and has a low risk of condensation. Perfect for a wide range of architectural styles, it works well in conjunction with bricks and other cladding types.

Timber Weatherboards

One of the most popular cladding options throughout Australian homes, timber weatherboards are often chosen for additions, extensions and new builds. Lightweight and readily available, timber cladding is a leading choice for many Canberra residential builders due to its versatility and timeless appeal. It’s important to note that timber weatherboards require regular maintenance and painting, and eventually may need replacement. Available in range of profiles and sizes, timber can be utilised in both modern and traditional homes designs.

Stone Cladding

Popular amongst coastal and Hamptons-style homes, stone is increasingly being used as a show-stopping façade feature, particularly on porches, outdoor fireplaces and feature walls. With a natural beauty and a sense of sophistication, there’s a wide range of fabricated stone cladding choices that can achieve the depth, complexity of colour, pattern and unique texture of natural stone. With a finish to suit almost any style of home, stone cladding is available to suit almost any style of home, and it will last for years without fading, cracking or chipping.

Metal Cladding

On trend throughout modern Australian homes, Colorbond panels are increasingly being used as an exterior cladding material. When combined with other textural elements such as bricks or weatherboards at ground level, it’s a great way to juxtapose modern design with traditional character. Shiny and ultra-modern, metal cladding is malleable, easy to work with and highly versatile. It’s also extremely low maintenance, and because it does not absorb moisture, there’s no risk of weather damage or algae. Lightweight and fire-resistant, there are plenty of textures and colours are available to complement almost any new home.


One of the most common exterior surfaces throughout Australian homes, bricks continue to be in favour as a cladding for many new builds, especially when paired with weatherboards or metal cladding options. Darker hued bricks have been trending in recent years, in line with the contemporary captivation with the colour grey. Bricks with a thinner profile and paler shades have also risen in popularity to complement the popular Scandi look. In inner city areas, there has been a move towards artisanal bricks with a more authentic industrial aesthetic. Brick cladding looks great but it also offers exceptional structural benefits. They are fire-resistant and have a high thermal efficiency, they are also weatherproof, soundproof, strong, and sustainable.

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