How to Design and Create Luxurious Bathrooms and Ensuites

Bathrooms and Ensuites

How to Design and Create Luxurious Bathrooms and Ensuites

No longer just practical spaces to bathe and shower, bathrooms these days have become luxurious, spa-like retreats where we can relax, unwind, and rejuvenate after a long, hard day. Aside from kitchens, bathrooms are the most important rooms of the house to get right – not only because they can be incredibly expensive to change or renovate, but if designed properly they can also significantly increase the value of a property. So, what makes a bathroom luxurious? Luxury isn’t always easy to define, and when it comes bathrooms, it’s often more of a feeling than a specific element. However, there are definitely certain elements that contribute towards a feeling of luxury.


As with almost any room of the house, space is synonymous with luxury. That isn’t to say that your bathrooms must be oversized, but it’s vital to create an illusion of spaciousness. This can be done by incorporating clean lines, minimalist design, and optimising the natural light that floods the room. Tiling to the ceiling, frameless shower screens, a floating vanity, tiled shower, and sleek fixtures are all simple ways that you can create a grand feeling of space.


While minimalist design plays an important role in bathroom luxury, it can often lack depth, character, and warmth so it’s important to play around with different textures. Classic and neutral colours combined with tactile textures creates interest and achieves a bespoke aesthetic that oozes luxury. Timber vanities, stone tiles, matte finish tapware, and cotton towels with interesting patterns and details can be used to create contrast without overwhelming or cluttering the space.

High End Finishes And Fittings

When selecting bathroom fixtures and finishes, it’s not necessary to splurge throughout the whole room. Unless you have an unlimited budget, there are a few clever decisions you can make that will give the greatest bang for your buck.

  • Choose one or two high-quality statement pieces – for example a freestanding bath so you can soak in style, or a beautifully made, stone basin. The other fittings can be simple, and affordable, letting the showpieces shine.
  • Include soft close features – toilets and vanity drawers that close softly as opposed to slamming shut go a long way in creating an elegant, upscale room.
  • An upgraded, walk-in shower featuring a tiled base, and one or two large shower heads (depending on its size) is one of the key ways to make your ensuite feel luxurious.

Attention to Detail

Little details such as a tiled shower niche to neatly store bottles and body wash off the floor, carefully placed robe hooks, subtly backlit mirrors and hidden face-level storage all make a bathroom appear as though it has been thoughtfully designed for maximum functionality and aesthetics. Matching bath, basin, and shower tapware is also vital as this will create sleek, sophisticated, and cohesive look which will really amplify the luxury feel.


Many bathrooms lack large windows and have minimal natural light, this could be because there isn’t enough wall space, or there’s the problem of privacy. A lack of light can cause a bathroom to feel dark and cramped. If you can incorporate large windows, the feeling of luxury is immediate. Even more so if there is a breathtaking view outside! If large window aren’t possible, skylights are a great option that will optimise light flow. Artificial lighting is also an important consideration for bathrooms too; vanity lighting should be soft and flattering to allow for important tasks such as applying make-up, styling hair, and shaving without casting shadows.

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