New Home Design Consultation – What to Expect in Your Initial Meeting

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New Home Design Consultation – What to Expect in Your Initial Meeting

When planning your new dream home, don’t underestimate the value a well-considered design can add to the finished project. The efficient use of space and the effective selection of materials and finishes will ensure the end result is a home that is built with the ultimate goal of enhancing your lifestyle and maximising your return on investment. Whether you have a complete vision in mind for your new home or if you have no idea where to start, working with experienced and talented home design consultants like those at Elliott Hardie, will ensure your home not only meets your expectations but exceeds them. Read on to find out more about the home design consultation process.

What Is a Home Design Consultation?

A meeting with home design consultants is one of the vital first steps that starts you on the path to creating your dream home. Designing a home requires the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. Home design consultants have in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of current home designs and building trends and understand what works and what doesn’t. They will work with your vision in mind to come up with a functional and attractive home design that is perfectly tailored to you.

What Happens at The Meeting?

You may need multiple consultations before and during the building process, but in the initial consultation will focus on the below:

Who are you, why are you building and how you want to live

Understanding who you are helps your home designer to create a design that works for you. To help the design suit you now, and into the future, a designer will benefit from understanding

  • Who is in your family and who lives in the home – will your family grow in the future?
  • How you spend your time, what you enjoy doing together, and separately – do your kids need to be outside yet supervised from inside? Do you have older children who need their own space, but you also want spaces and places you can enjoy being together? Do you need room to comfortably entertain family and friends?
  • What lifestyle do you envisage this home provide? If you want to build a new home, it is generally because you have a different vision about how you’d like to live, what is that vision?

Your budget

There can often be a big difference between what you want for your home and what you can afford to spend on it. Determining a budget is also difficult because you may not know what you want to spend, unless you know what you’re going to get for it. Have an estimated figure in mind, be honest about it, and ask your designer for ideas around your budget. An experienced designer will be able to provide insights into what aspects you should spend on and areas where you can save.

How you want your home to look

Everyone has their own unique, personal taste and style, so it’s important your home is designed with your taste in mind. From the façade to the furnishings, floor coverings to paint finishes, be prepared with images, magazine clippings, or a Pinterest board of things you love. Imagery is great way of communicating exactly what you’re looking for in your new home.

Important Things to Remember

When you’re working with a home design consultant, make sure you trust them. A good designer may ask you tough questions, challenge your ideas or suggest things that you may never even thought to consider. This is because it is beneficial for a designer to find out what you don’t like or want, just as much as what you do like. A designer will bring their expertise and experience from many other projects so you can heave peace of mind and trust in their knowledge. Be honest too. Make sure you are upfront when asked questions and don’t hold back any information whether it be about your budget or anything else you have in mind. Clear communication with total honesty and openness is needed from the outset to ensure you will get the result you desire. If you don’t feel you’re like ideas are being listened to or you aren’t happy with how your ideas have been incorporated, make sure you speak up as it can be much harder and much more difficult to change things later in the process.

Looking to Build a Stunning New Home in Canberra?

When you choose Elliott Hardie, you get access to some of the best home design consultants in Canberra, who will listen to you and work with you to bring your vision to life, delivering a home that suits your personality, budget and lifestyle, perfectly. Get in touch with us online now or give us a call on 0479 106 944 and start the journey to creating a home that is built for you.