The Advantages of Building a Home Vs Buying an Established House


The Advantages of Building a Home Vs Buying an Established House

If you are searching for a new home, you might be weighing up whether you should buy an existing home or build one yourself. While buying an established home may seem like the quicker and easier path to take, there are so many benefits to building a brand new home that make the time and effort well worth it. At Elliott Hardie, we are innovative Canberra home builders which aim to deliver the highest quality new homes tailored made to suit the individual needs and lifestyle of every client. Read on to discover some of the many advantages of building your own home which may just convince you that building is the right move for you.

It’s Built with You in Mind

Have you been walking through home inspections only to find that the layout isn’t quite right, there’s not enough storage space, the bathroom is too small or the kitchen lacks functionality? Sure, changes can be made with renovations, but these are often very costly especially when working with an older house. When you build a home, you choose everything, from the floor plan to the finishes. The result is a completely customised home that is built according to your taste, your lifestyle and your budget.

You Can Take Advantage of Stamp Duty Savings

Most home buyers in Australia are required to pay this tax on land and property transfers and it is a significant expense based on the purchase price of the property. When you build a new house, the stamp duty amount is only calculated off of the value of the land in the transaction, rather than the total cost of the construction – saving you a significant amount of money that you can put towards your new home.

There’s Less Maintenance

When you move into your home, you want to enjoy it. The last thing you want is to be spending your weekends painting weatherboards, repairing a leaking tap or fixing a broken gate. When you build, everything is brand new meaning no repairs and maintenance for you to do. If anything does go wrong, your newly built home is all under warranty!

You Can Be Sure of the Quality

When you build with high quality and experienced Canberra home builders, you can be sure your home will be delivered to the highest standard. When you buy an established home, even if it looks brand new, you can never be sure of the quality that lies beneath the surface. Unfortunately, there are many poor quality home builders operating in the industry and while the house you are buying may look aesthetically pleasing, there’s a possibility it was constructed form inferior materials and products that won’t stand the test of time.

You Can Make It Energy Efficient

Older homes weren’t designed to be energy efficient, and trying to make an older house eco-friendly can be both costly and difficult. Building a new home gives you greater control over energy-saving features, whether it’s using skylights or orientating windows to make the most of the sun’s natural warmth, solar panels, energy-saving heating and cooling systems, LED lighting and rainwater tanks – all of these features can be easily included in the design ensuring your home is comfortable and efficient, saving you money in the long term and adding to the resale value too.

The idea of building a home can be daunting to many prospective home buyers, however, if you partner with a high quality and experienced builder with a reputation for delivering exceptional results on time and on budget, it’s an option that makes a lot of sense and can give you a home that you will love to live in for many, many years.

Elliott Hardie are the home builders Canberra locals trust for innovative designs, impeccable quality and value for money. If you are searching for a new home and can’t find the perfect property for your family, consider building a home with our team – discuss your ideas with us and we will collaborate with you to design and deliver your dream home. Get in touch with us on 0479 106 944 or visit our display home at Lionel Rose Street, Strathnairn today.