The Benefits of Visiting a Display Home

The Benefits of Visiting a Display Home

Whether you’re building your first home or your dream ‘forever’ home, it’s important to enter the building process with confidence that you’re making the right design decisions, and using a home builder that understands your wants, needs and budget. Visiting a display home is a perfect way to picture your family living in the home, and give you peace of mind that you are heading in the right direction. At Elliott Hardie, we are one of the leading residential builders Canberra locals trust to deliver a high quality house that instantly feels like home. Visiting a display home is an exciting part of the pre-construction process and provides many benefits – here’s just a few of them.

Be Inspired

It’s one thing to flip through magazines and browse online for the latest designer styles and trends, but nothing compares to physically walking through a home, touching and seeing every element in real life. Display homes often portray the newest, most in-trend and innovative designs, colours, fixtures and appliances and often that may even spark an interest in a floorplan or style you may not have previously considered.

See The Quality

The ability to witness the quality of a builder’s workmanship first hand is a vital element in making the right decision when it comes to choosing a builder. Photos can capture the most impressive areas of a home and can be edited to remove any visible flaws so it isn’t until you inspect a project for yourself that you will see the finer details and the quality of the craftsmanship. Visiting a display home also allow you to see the building materials and brands that will likely be used when building your home so you can assess the quality of the products being used and ensure you are being priced accordingly.

Get Spatial Awareness

Visiting a display home can put into perspective the most you could potentially get out of an amount of land, which is a great help if you are restricted to building on a smaller block. Regardless of whether your block is small or large, seeing a home in person helps you to comprehend floor plans by seeing the layout in actual measurement. This will ensure you make the most of every inch of your space and can help you decide on the right home design for you and your family.

You Can Ask Questions

Viewing a display gives you one-on-one time with a sales consultant, allowing you to ask questions about what comes as standard and what extras and upgrades are possible. It’s important to remember that a display home is an example of a certain type of house design, and there are many possible end results when all the combinations are considered. Fittings, fixtures and finishes can all be changed in line with your budget and taste and often there is also flexibility when it comes to something as significant as the floorplan. A sales consultant will be able to answer your questions with detailed answers there and then, saving you time in emails and phone calls.

Get a feel for Flow and Functionality

Viewing a display home takes your ideas from floorplan to something tangible, something that you can see and touch. You have the opportunity to imagine yourself in the space and see if it feels right to you. Assess how the floorplan flows and the overall functionality of the house, this can include opening doors to check that they don’t scrape against light switches and opening cupboards to check the amount of storage is sufficient for your needs. You can also examine the space and orientation of each room and decide whether it can accommodate your furniture. A display home gives you the chance to get a feeling of living in the space and see whether the house can accommodate your specific needs and wants.

For most of us, building a brand new home is the culmination of a lifelong dream. Do your research, make thoughtful decisions and trust the right builder to turn your dream into reality.

If you are looking for the best residential building company to build your first home, Elliott Hardie are the premier residential builders in Canberra. With a modern approach to building, we will work collaboratively with you to deliver a dream home that exceeds your expectations. Get in touch with us on 0479 106 944 to find out more or book an appointment to view our impressive display home which is due for completion very soon.